Smoke-Free Zones

We are committed to reducing the harmful effects of smoking and second-hand smoke by working with our community to create healthy environments. 

In July 2020, Council endorsed the Smoke-Free Outdoor Policy, with an action to create smoke-free zones in our Activity Centres. On 14 December 2021, following public consultation and after consideration of community submissions, Council resolved to adopt the Smoke-Free Zones Local Law.

All levels of government have a responsibility to protect, promote and improve health and wellbeing. The Tobacco Act 1987 is a key piece of State government legislation regulating tobacco products and smoking offences.

The Local Law complements that State legislation:

  • lists the relevant factors which must be considered when Council prescribes an area to be smoke-free
  • provides Council with the power to prescribe and declare areas smoke-free
  • gives power to authorised Council officers, if required, to issue warnings, impose fines or prosecute people found smoking in smoke-free zones and require them to extinguish the tobacco product and dispose of it appropriately.

The development of the Local Law was supported by Quit Victoria and the Lung Foundation Australia.

Smoke-free zones aim to:

  • protect the community from the health impacts of second-hand smoke
  • raise community awareness of the health benefits of being smoke-free
  • improve public amenities
  • encourage a reduction in smoking
  • reduce tobacco-related litter.

Smoke-Free Zones locations

The smoke-free zones are 14 Activity Centres in the locations below:

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